Saturday, January 26, 2008

Canola2 Beta Howto, Photos (Page 3)

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---edited 30/01/08--- to add new 3c) "cascade of thumbnailed photos" the later images re-ordered/numbered accordingly, ensure correct usage sequence is maintained.

3a) Here we are looking at the photos options, where we have My Photos and Photocasts

3b) Selecting My Photos, Gives us folders with Photos found by scanning areas to be watched.

3c) Selecting the folder All Photos, provides a cascade of thumbnailed photos, which can be easily kinetically scrolled from side to side.

3d) Upon selecting a photo, Canola takes a second, to load All Photos into a side to side scrollable Filmstrip view. Here is loading the photos in a manner that means we can quickly scroll from one picture to the next in this mode.

3e) Here we can see that the Pine_Forrest Photo is loaded and also have an idea of photo content on either side of this image.

3f) Here we can see that the Humpback Whale Photo again with an idea of photo content on either side of this particular image.

3g) Here we can see the display options, i.e. we can manually go forward and back or we can play our photos as a slide show.

3h) Here we can see what happens when we use the rotate picture options, on the left of the screen.

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