Tuesday, December 26, 2006

TVersity Release (Dec 25, 2006)

A new version of TVersity was released on 25th December 2006 where in most recent beta release itterations, it addresses AV streaming issues to ensure Xbox 360 users move over in their droves to a real Internet and Network capable UPnP Media Server.

The "TVersity Universal Media Player" has a clear roadmap and goal, where if my understanding is correct it's to :-

  • Enable all it's user community of numerous network AV playback devices to "just" play any NON DRM'd AV media from "Wherever they want to Wherever they are" without worrying about download, conversion and network media serving issues.
My advice is to keep a watchful eye on TVersity through 2007, where here are some useful links :-


Brian Bakker said...

Do you only use TVersity or do you also use WonkyMedia with your SL300? Does TVersity do everything you want it to do, or is it missing the DivX ability!?

MikeL said...

I use both TVersity and Twonky with my SL300i and they both work well. I use TVersity to stream many pre-downloded Video formats including DiVX.

TVersity supports DiVX and also reduces the bitrate if the streams bitrate is to high for the SL300i etc.