Sunday, December 24, 2006

ThoughtFix and Welcome to your Nokia 770

I have just been reading ThoughtFix's "welcome to your new Nokia 770" Post in his Blog on the uses for a Nokia 770.

Great post ThoughtFix with lots of useful information for new users that you have gained via your personal use of a Nokia 770 with your desire to try out the very latest on what can be achieved.

We really do need more users of the Nokia 770 like yourself, to continue to reduce any mystery surrounding just what the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet can/could be used for via it's underlying Linux based OS.

The Nokia 770 is already a great little Wi-Fi Internet Tablet, which works well in it's primary role as a truly portable internet surfing device. With the further interest and hacking styled developments from the User/Linux/Maemo community in 2007, who knows where and how this fledgling Internet Tablet Market could develop?


Anonymous said...

Portable Internet is a registered trademark of Portable Internet, Inc.

MikeL said...

And what exactly? I should not put the two words together in a sentence in my own blog without?