Tuesday, December 26, 2006

TVersity Release (Dec 25, 2006)

A new version of TVersity was released on 25th December 2006 where in most recent beta release itterations, it addresses AV streaming issues to ensure Xbox 360 users move over in their droves to a real Internet and Network capable UPnP Media Server.

The "TVersity Universal Media Player" has a clear roadmap and goal, where if my understanding is correct it's to :-

  • Enable all it's user community of numerous network AV playback devices to "just" play any NON DRM'd AV media from "Wherever they want to Wherever they are" without worrying about download, conversion and network media serving issues.
My advice is to keep a watchful eye on TVersity through 2007, where here are some useful links :-

Sunday, December 24, 2006

ThoughtFix and Welcome to your Nokia 770

I have just been reading ThoughtFix's "welcome to your new Nokia 770" Post in his Blog on the uses for a Nokia 770.

Great post ThoughtFix with lots of useful information for new users that you have gained via your personal use of a Nokia 770 with your desire to try out the very latest on what can be achieved.

We really do need more users of the Nokia 770 like yourself, to continue to reduce any mystery surrounding just what the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet can/could be used for via it's underlying Linux based OS.

The Nokia 770 is already a great little Wi-Fi Internet Tablet, which works well in it's primary role as a truly portable internet surfing device. With the further interest and hacking styled developments from the User/Linux/Maemo community in 2007, who knows where and how this fledgling Internet Tablet Market could develop?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Canola, with themes and multi-language support

I thought it useful to post some further images to illustrate current Canola Beta Version r1726:1727M, now installed on my Nokia 770. (Previous blog posts were of an earlier demo version)

In this post I provide Nokia 770 screen captures which illustrate presentation improvements to Canola Config (Web interface) and the Canola players support for themes; I have therefore provided some images of the new wood_box theme [that can be quickly changed too, from the default theme, via the config interface see 1d)] these images 2..) quickly illustrate the difference to the default theme.

---- Edit
22/12/06 ----

I can heartily recommend downloading the latest high quality Video Tutorial
"Canola How to" from Marcelo as there are real hidden gems such as how to quickly navigate from now playing to top menu and back again. Be warned however that it's a hefty 82Mb; or alternatively you can watch the lower quality YouTube version Found Here I believe that my blog post images compliment Marcelo's Video explanation of Canola usage.

---- End Edit 22/12/06 ----

Not highlighted in the images below is that Canola will be capable of multi-language interface support. The minor catch is the Canola team a requesting support from the Canola user community to take three small .pot files to translate Canola UI files to another lanaguge. The files that require translating can be found

1a) Canola Config, Feeds page (Photocast & Podcast) 1b) Canola Config, IRadio 1c) Canola Config, Media Collection 1d) Canola Config, Themes 1e) Canola Config, Passwords 2) Canola, Woodbox Theme. (Initial screen, NO Network connection) 2a) Browsing local audio content 2b) Playing local audio content. (time played, audio level and rating options)

2c) Playing network served audio content (No rating option currently available in network mode) 2d) Playing network served audio content (switched to volume slider option) 2e) Playing a slide show of local photo content. (Note: icons for pause and return) 2f) Error: When attempting to browse served media when no network connection made. 2g) Message ready waiting to close or return to Canola.
Last and not least (I almost forgot) Canola's Nokia 770 desktop applet (Finger size) for quickly refreshing shared media and/or starting Canola.

If anyone has any questions or comments, don't hesitate to provide feedback as I wish to improve my posts, in an attempt to ensure they are always useful.