Wednesday, May 09, 2007

N800 & TVersity

Although its definitely not my first choice to use the TVersity FLASH library viewer and player interface on the Nokia N800, I have to admit that with the Version (May 1, 2007) it now seems to work, all be it a little slow to navigate the Flash interface.

Its simply a matter of pointing the N800 Opera Browser at
(Entering the IP of your PC running TVersity in place of

I wrote a previous post in my blog about general use of the new TVersity FlashLib Interface, which needs updating but even so is still relevant.

Be aware that this method of view and playback, as with others (Canola, Media Streamer) will require that the correct codecs and filters are installed on the PC, in this instance to convert various AV formats when necessary into a flash playback equivalent.

At this early stage I have traversed the FLASH interface and played a few locally stored mp3's and it all seems to work, but was unable to fully test on my N800 as my Laptop PC is not set-up correctly with all my local AV directory structures and Internet URL's and Feeds to serve media etc.

When Ronen of TVersity implied that the Flash library Viewer & Player had been improved to support lower memory devices running Opera Browser and Flash 7 such as the Wii, I thought it was well worth trying again on my Nokia N800

Notes: Able to control the Volume, Mute and FF & REW of mp3´s via the flash interface etc as we would expect.

Issue Found: Every time the N800 goes into it's power saving mode and closes the display the mp3 file playbacks stops. (Restarts when awoke and continues playback from point stopped)

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