Thursday, October 05, 2006

Streaming Images to Nokia 770 via TVersity & Media Streamer

I have been playing around with Media Streamer for a while and am able to stream all my photos from my XP PC, to my Nokia 770 wirelessly; using TVersity Media Server on my XP PC & Media Streamer on my Nokia 770.

(I am using TVersity V0.9.8.1 with Media Streamer V1.1-2 Apologies for the quality of TVersity Logo, it's all I have)

I do not need to worry about rescaling and pre-downloading my images to the Nokia 770 because TVersity and Media Streamer work together so seamlessly.

All the images below are screen grabs from the Nokia 770, illustrating how Media streamer can be used to view images.

1) Tversity_logo (Image) has been selected from My Pictures
and added to the Media Streamer Play list

2) Tversity_logo (Image) has been loaded as
a thumbnail in Media Streamer Player

3) Tversity_logo (Image) is being loaded
(full view) in Media Streamer Player.

4) Tversity_logo is in full view in Media Streamer Player
(Arrows to go Fwd/Back, useful with a playlist of images)

5) Tversity_logo in full view in Media Streamer Player.
(When we view an image, info & arrows are discarded)

6) Play list of images from a trip to Moscow in 2006
One image selected and displayed as a thumbnail.

7) Same Moscow image being fully displayed.


polyesterangst said...

That's great MikeL. Now if we can just get the video to work. Any word on if the Mediastreamer folks have done anything to make that work?

MikeL said...

Apologies polyesterangst for some reason NO comments were being processed on my blog by blogger until I switched my blog to Blogger2. (So never saw your comment until just now)

We are still waiting for Video support via Media Streamer on our Nokia 770's. I hope it's available soon.

Especially now the Nokia N800 Internet tablet is available.