Friday, April 14, 2006


Mariposa means Butterfly in Spanish

I must have been far to busy focusing on techy websites for Video Streaming and Downloading, as I totally missed this site until now?

mariposaHD.TV claim to be the first Internet TV show to provide HDTV distributed directly over the internet via bittorrent. Absolutely TOP quality High Definition Video downloads in .wmvHD 1020i & 720p or mp4 for the iPod.

There are to date three show downloads available covering Glamour and Style mixed with a touch of Adventure. I found downloading these shows to be relatively quick using utorrent 1Gb for the wmvHD 720p versions. (I downloaded all three shows in approx 6 hrs)
TVersity UPnP Media Server can transcode the HD wmv to mpeg to allow me to play these shows on my TV using a SL300i UPnP Player, but I am currently experiencing issues with Video/Audio being out of sync with the transcoded versions, the shows play fine on my PC in WMP10.

To take a direct quote from mariposaHD.TV
Welcome to the future of television!

mariposaHD is the world's first High Definition TV series distributed directly on the Internet. And it's free. mariposaHD is recorded, edited, and distributed in the full 1920x1080 pixel resolution of the 1080i standard. We distribute mariposaHD using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer software. With a broadband Internet connection, you can download and watch mariposaHD on your PC, your HDTV, or even a video iPod.

mariposaHD is produced by four ordinary guys who quit their jobs, moved to South America, and decided to make a TV show. We film everything with HDV camcorders and edit the video on a PC in our living room. You can download mariposaHD for free from our Web site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. mariposaHD is distributed under a Creative Commons license which means that you can keep it, copy it, and share it forever as long as you don't charge for it or alter it.

This is the way that television should work! So enjoy it,

Mike, Jeff, Dominic, and Tamir
Motamorfosis Productions

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