Thursday, April 13, 2006

Listable, a new way to get to resources quickly

I have been recently keeping an eye on a web 2.0 start-up called Listable.

Listable is different to say Digg and, in that rather than just pointing users to breaking stories (Digg) and popular resources ( it attempts to provide a tailored listing of anything the "Listable user community" can think of.

Listable works by combining Tagging, Voting and Listing, Oh and it also has RSS Feeds :-)

Listable enables the most popular resource within any given list to make it to the top, based on it's popularity etc. To put listable to the test, I have just started my first and a new list in listable!
For those of you who like to watch and listen to local and Internet based A/V Media utilising a UPnP Media Player and Server, please take the time to add/vote on your preference.

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