Saturday, April 01, 2006

Feed2Podcast explained.

Feed2Pocast is an interesting application, which enables anyone to turn his or her Blog content into an automated Audio Podcast.

Feed2Podcast means that anyone's blog is able to speak for itself!

I've added a couple of links in my blog sidebar, to illustrate Feed2Podcast capabilities with my blogs content, you can also click on the provided image above to try the Feed2Podcast player.

Please Note: In the player you are able to both view and select which post is played by selecting the up and down arrows to the right of volume control. (illustrated in image)

Feed2Podcast updates the individual's blog podcast, approximately every three hours.


Buddies Watering Hole. said...

Thanks for the feed2podcast post. You should feedburn the url and get more contol of your feed2podcast feed. This way if you ever whant to do a podcast or chenge your feed you can easily do it without needing to change the podcast url. Hope that makes sence to ya. Robbie

MikeL said...

Thanks Robbie will take a look at Feedburn. So many different web applications to get to grip with and so little time. :-(