Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Video Stream of Bald Eagle Nest, Hornby Island

A live stream of a Bald Eagles nest was posted recently on the Internet, care of David Hancock/Doug Carrick and Hancock House Publishing Ltd.
There are two eggs as we speak, otherwise it's currently a bit boring while the Eagle sits calmly on the eggs, but wait a few days/weeks and it will be sure to get more interesting?

A great stream for the bird lovers and watchers of the feathered variety!

Note: Live stream will only be available during the daylight hours of Vancouver BC (GMT -8)

Works very well streamed directly to my TV via the TVersity UPnP Server and my SL300i UPnP Media Player.

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Wanda from Nova Scotia said...

I would like to know if the Eagle egg is dead and why the bird cannot make any sounds when she opens her mouth , should someone not be checking her somehow.

MikeL said...

Shortly after my post we found out that the eagles nest being watched was an old pair of Eagles and the eggs did not Hatch for a think the second year in a row.

Another nest was subsequently watched via a web cam in 2006, with chicks.

Let's hope that a good Eagles nest is watched again via web cam in 2007 available to everyone.

It certainly captured the public imagination in 2006 and was even digged at