Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Terra, Nature in our World

Terra, is a BlogSpot devoted to nature. There are some very interesting downloadable movies in .m4v format. Unfortunately this particular format is problematic and as yet I have not found a way to watch these items on my TV via my UPnP Media Player using TVersity as my UPnP Media Server.

I am very hopeful that a future release of TVersity will address the issue with .m4v playback on my Philips SL300i. In the meantime downloading and watching these items on my PC is an option worth taking.

Quote from Terra:-

TERRA is much more than your typical wildlife show; it is a chance to experience a uniquely cutting-edge vision of the natural world through the eyes of passionate student & independent filmmakers who are discovering the next frontiers of research, re-vitalizing compelling issues, and celebrating the diversity of our natural environment like you’ve never seen it before.

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