Saturday, March 04, 2006

Granky Geeks, Hosted by John C Dvorak

New show from "DL.TV / Ziff Davis" stable called Cranky Geeks. The first wmv streamable pilot was shot on the 2nd of March and is available via this Link

John's the host where three additional GrankyGeeks will be invited to debate the technology of the moment on each show. Like DL.TV the GrankyGeeks show needs to find its feet, but it is so very refreshing that more and more streamed shows like these are becoming available to stream over the Internet.

Great first show to my mind which covers various topics including Myspace, New MAC Mini, WirelessN, HDTV media streaming etc. GrankyGeek's is a good title, I will be keeping and eye out for future shows!

PS. The show has been also been dug at Digg where I have added a comment.

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