Sunday, March 12, 2006

Daily Planet TV, streamed in wmv

Daily Planet TV, is a show about technology trends that appears to have been Vodcasting since July 2005 in .mp4 (20-30 minutes per show approx)

What's very interesting to myself (and others?) is that the most recent episodes of Daily Planet TV have now being made available to mainstream Windows users as a .wmv stream:-

This means I(we?) can now easily watch Daily Planet TV .wmv streams on our TV's without any need to first "download" to our PC's. The TVersity Media Server will intelligently and magically transcode from .wmv to .mpg "On the fly" for UPnP Media Players that require it.

Streaming without the need to first download the increasing number of freely available Podcast/Vodcast(s) is a very liberating experience.

TVersity Transcodes many formats, and has specific profiles for different UPnP Hardware A/V Players read more in TVersity FAQ

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