Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mobuzz , the European Version of RocketBoom?

Mobuzz is an interesting website providing access to daily Videoblogs in either English or Spanish.

Mobuzz Videoblogs appear to be specifically targeted at the mobile phone, but I also believe that they are something that can be equally and perhaps even more enjoyed, watching at home in a comfortable armchair, when were able.

Karina Stenquist (Above) is the current presenter of the English version and Iria Gallardo (Below) is the current presenter of Spanish version of the show respectively.

The format of these shows are very similar to Rocketboom, where each show is approx 3 minutes in length.

I am really looking forward to the next release of a UPnP Media Server TVersity, as this is going to make it easier to add Videoblog RSS feeds to the Philips SL300i Streamium interface, then to browse and watch these shows on my normal TV, off the Internet.

I have added the shows feeds to my RSS Feed section for my own convenience. You can read more about Mobuzz on their about page

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