Sunday, February 05, 2006

First post to my own blog

I am going to use this blog to record those things that are of interest to me in the freely available Audio/Visual Internet world.

I therefore believe that a large portion of this blog will be dedicated to those Audio/Video URL's which I can stream via my PC to my Television and Hi-Fi using a simple small and compact UPnP Media Render. (URL’s that worked well and were of interest on the day I posted in my blog.)

As the months pass in 2006 and beyond and blog develops, who knows where it will lead both myself and those who may wish to follow my own somewhat personal journey?

My current A/V UPnP Renderer is a Philips SL300i which I generally utilise with the Tversity UPnP Media Server running on my Internet connected Win XP PC. This combination enables me to watch Internet TV not on My PC, but My TV.


dreadlox said...

Dude, any idea why I cannot get the Tversity to work, I have a Dlink DSM 320 and I am trying to get it to work with Tversity.
Any ideas?

MikeL said...

Hi dreadlox

Your problem could be caused by so many factors....

The best overall resource for understanding why a particular Media Player will not communicate with the TVersity server on your PC is currently in the TVersity forum. There are many keen users and supporters to help you etc.

I suggest you review some early TVersity forum posts using the powerful forum search feature, where Ronenmiz the TVersity Founder provides excellent support.

Then if you are still stuck ask a question with further detail and clarification of your particular problem in the forum. Good luck.